May 2019 Newsletter: Aspiration + Opportunity = Inspiration

The Reason We Do What We Do:

Meet these Hope-filled Young People

Learn For Life Kenya's vision to prepare people in impoverished Kenyan communities for employment through vocational skills training is rooted in relationships with bright, ambitious young people who lack access to development opportunities.

The following stories are a snapshot of resolve, perseverance, and hope. Each of these young men and women grew up at Tumaini or Huruma Children's Homes. Each desires the satisfaction of supporting themselves. Each aims to do that by learning a skilled trade. We hope their stories will touch your heart just as they have touched ours.

Daniel Edome - Plumbing

Daniel's family fled famine in the early 2000s, leaving their nomadic people group in northwestern Kenya. Daniel and his 3 siblings arrived as destitute children at the Children's Home at very young ages. Completing high school in 2016 meant he had to move out of the Home, also called aging-out. Like all youth who age-out of the Home and do not go on to college, Daniel suddenly had to fend for himself. Without a skilled trade, this was and is a tall order. Daniel has somehow survived through it by performing manual labor for anyone willing to pay him. He enrolled at a driving school last year but dropped out, because, between paying for the course and his basic needs (food and shelter), the latter won.

It has been 3-years since Daniel aged-out of the Children's Home. He is desperate to find a way to earn a living. Daniel has been interested in Plumbing for awhile but is open to pursuing a course in Food & Beverage Production.

Rhoda Wanjiru - Culinary Arts

Rhoda aged-out of the Home last year. Once the VTC is operational, she intends to earn a certificate in Culinary Arts. Rhoda wants to be able to support herself and her mentally challenged mother with the income she will earn once she is employed in this field. She is confident that certification will open up numerous employment opportunities for her in food production.

Elijah Wanjuki - Electrician

Like Daniel (above), Elijah aged-out of the Children's Home in 2016. Again, like Daniel, Elijah did not meet the required points on his High School exit exam to earn a place in a university.

Almost 3-years later, Elijah hasn't had the reins in his hands in many matters life, owing to the lack of a trading skill. This is not for lack of trying to find work and willingness to take a variety of day labor jobs. Elijah has learned to make do with poorly paid manual labor. However, he is positive about the future and is confident he can make things work if he is armed with a certified course in Electrical work.

Carol Wambui - Nursing

Carol lived with her aunt before joining the Children's Home. Carol did well during her secondary school education, scoring well enough on her exit exams to be eligible for university. Biology was one of her best subjects in high school, therefore, when asked which college course she is considering, Carol responds that she is leaning 'biology-wards'. Carol has chosen to pursue nursing for now and work her way to studying medicine one day. Currently she is working as a house-help (domestic work) to earn some upkeep.

Gideon Kiumbe - Building & Construction

Gideon aged-out of the Home last year. He works as a manual laborer at construction sites whenever possible. He wishes to pursue certification in Building & Construction at the VTC, once it is operational. Gideon not only wants to advance in this industry as a skilled tradesman one day, but he also considers running his own company one day.

Vocational Training Center Construction Update

Together, phase by phase, we are building a Vocational Training Center where our young friends will receive certified skills training. Your contributions have laid the foundation, set the beams, erected the exterior walls, and raised the roof.

The end is in sight!

Please help us press on as we raise funds to finish Phase-8 so our young friends can earn skilled trades certification at the VTC.

Phase-8 Elements :

Electrical conduiting



Matching Grant Opportunity

For every dollar raised during our current Spring VTC Fundraising Appeal, a generous group of anonymous donors has agreed to match up to


Please help Learn For Life Kenya accelerate its fundraising efforts. Your contribution gets us one step closer to finishing the Vocational Training Center.

You are helping fulfil the hopes and dreams of our young Kenyan friends!

Kona ya Marafiki (Friends Corner)

Reuben Mwangi

Special thanks for helping to make this newsletter possible

Reuben, an alumnus of Tumaini Children's Home, has a heart for ministering to children and obvious giftedness in this area. He has been accepted to Fuller Theological Seminary and eagerly anticipates starting his studies in Pasadena, CA in September, pending funding. We are grateful to Reuben for collecting the stories featured in this month's newsletter.

Thank you, Reuben!

Jifunze Kiswahili (Learn Swahili)

Our Swahili word of the month:

Tumaini - Hope

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