January 2019 Newsletter: You Scaled the Walls!

VTC with walls.jpg

In 2015, Learn for Life Kenya and the Tumaini Children’s Ministry embarked on a “journey of a thousand miles” to build a Vocational Training Center in Nyeri, Kenya.

This month, we achieved a significant milestone as we witnessed the near completion of the external walls of this 29,000 square foot building.

We are extremely grateful to all of you for joining us on this journey that gives hope to youth in this marginalized community and across Kenya, and provides them with an opportunity to gain valuable skills.

What's next?

Now that external wall construction is complete, work will begin on window and door casements, staircase banisters, internal plastering, electrical conduits, plumbing and piping, painting, and finishes.

We continue to remain faithful on this journey and count on your support as we strive to complete this surmountable project, step by step.

Just Around the Corner…

Window Casements Phase

The next phase of construction at the VTC involves adding window casements for 202 windows to the entire building. Literally, you can help young people to envision a better future, to catch a glimpse of brighter vistas!

Our goal: $40,000

Thank you to all those who helped us raise the first $17,000!

For gifts of $350 or more, donors will be invited to send in a favorite quote, word of inspiration or Bible verse (up to 40 words). We will contact you soon.

Your donation reaches far beyond brick and mortar construction, beyond adding walls, roof, and window casements. Your gift enables us to foster dignity by preparing a young person to earn a self-sustaining, living wage.

Bakery Enterprise Fosters New Relationships, Identifies New Opportunities

David Wambugu, Director of Farmview Primary School in Nyeri, Kenya, explains the importance of digital learning resources for elementary aged children in Kenya.

Farmview Primary School is the key customer of our Bread 4 Hope Bakery enterprise. Last year, while touring the bakery, which is colocated with the Tumaini Children's Home, Dir. Wambugu learned about Tumaini's onsite Computer Lab. Today, all students from Farmview Primary travel to Tumaini for computer classes. However, the computers in the lab are insufficient in number and quality to meet the needs of the 300 students desiring digital training.

Friends, a new opportunity is presenting itself. We are gathering information now about how best to address these needs while expanding upon already available resources.

Stay tuned for ways to help us build up the Tumaini Computer Lab, soon...

Kona ya Marafiki (Friends Corner)

Vocational Training Center Building Committee

This month we are dedicating our Friends Corner to the Vocational Training Center Building Committee. This integrated committee is comprised of the Tumaini Children’s Ministry Board Chair and Patron, Parish Representatives, Quantity Surveyor, Project Architect, Engineer and the Construction Manager.

The Contractor, Faburex Construction, has a long-term relationship with the Tumaini Children’s Ministry, having built the dormitory and multipurpose halls of the Children’s Home, Sugarbaker Health Clinic, and the Home for the Aged in the same community.

We thank this team for their dedication progressing this legacy project that will benefit youth from across Kenya.

Jifunze Kiswahili (Learn Swahili)

Our Swahili word of the month: Ushirikiano - Partnership

Posted on January 31, 2019 .