June 2018 Newsletter: Digging Deeper

What's the Underlying Principle?

Learn For Life Kenya Board Emeritus, Gerry Schaefer, recently shared a compelling lesson from his college days. A Philosophy Major at Marquette University, Gerry was an active member of the school's debate team. His debate professor challenged the team to always determine the principle underlying every argument. "Don't stop with the argument. Question the principle behind it all," his professor would say.

This month's newsletter is dedicated to exploring the principles behind Learn For Life Kenya's mission and chosen methods of engagement:

Imago Dei (Image of God) - Foundational to our core principles lies the conviction that all humanity is created in the image of God. Humans resemble their Creator in a moral, spiritual, and intellectual sense.
"So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." Genesis 1:27
  • Dignity - Generating from this conviction, we affirm the dignity of all humanity, which affects the way we relate to others. Developing one's ability to secure a living wage inspires hope and fosters self worth.
  • Partnerships - Recognizing inherent dignity in others leads us to forge partnerships with Kenyan organizations, identifying and equipping local change agents for sustainable change. The locus of responsibility lies in Kenyan communities, connecting effectively to local resources and networks.
  • Vocation - At its root, vocation means a "call." Vocation goes beyond one's profession to how we live in right relationships. For this reason, we value individuals by equipping them with skills necessary to earn a living, while emphasizing values-based training. In this way, both individuals and society flourish.

Putting Principles into Action:

The Vocational Training Center

Learn for Life Kenya and the Tumaini Children’s Ministry are partnering to build a Vocational Training Center in Nyeri, Kenya.

The VTC will provide marginalized youth with an opportunity to gain contextually relevant and marketable skills for self-sufficient futures.

Together with partners like you, we are on a journey that gives hope to the youth in this central Kenyan community and across the nation.

  • Next Phase: Plastering the external walls of this 29,000 sq ft building

  • Cost: Estimated at $60,000. 

  • Amount Raised: $25,000

  • To avoid disruption in the construction, we are seeking to raise $35,000 in the next few months.

Once the external wall construction is complete, work will begin on the staircase banisters, door and window casements, internal plastering, electrical conduits, plumbing and piping, painting, and finishes.

Step by step, we are witnessing the fulfillment of a dream. We would like to invite you to experience the incredible satisfaction that comes from making a direct impact on the lives of amazing young lives in Kenya by:

  1. Sharing our construction project with your network and encouraging them to join us;
  2. Hosting an in-home or private fundraising event to benefit our project;
  3. Donating directly to our project.

For more information on how you can get involved, contact us at info@learnforlifekenya.org.

Check out this short video from PovertyCure which illustrates Learn For Life Kenya's core principles.

Kona ya Marafiki (Friends' Corner)

The Steiningers.jpg

We dedicate this month's Kona ya Marafiki to Dan & Judy Steininger. In addition to being steadfast friends of Learn For Life Kenya, Dan & Judy are long-time friends of Kenya, having served as high school teachers in the Peace Corps in Chucka, Kenya as a young couple. Settling in the Midwest, the couple enriches the Milwaukee community and beyond.

Dan uses his expertise in law and entrepreneurship to advise companies about leveraging innovative tools and methods for vitality and growth. As co-founder of BizStarts, Dan is at the helm of an organization that identifies viable entrepreneurial endeavors and provides them both financial and non-financial resources for a successful launch. Judy, a professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering and UWM School of Continuing Education, is also a free-lance writer both locally and nationally. Most recently, though, Judy is relishing her role as grandmother to their new grandson.

In November 2017, the Steiningers opened their lovely home to invite friends to hear about Learn For Life Kenya from the organization's co-founder, Bonnie Lee. Thank you, Dan and Judy! Your friendship means the world to us!

Jifunze Kiswahili (Learn Swahili)


Our Swahili word of the month:

Ushirikiano - Partnership

Posted on June 11, 2018 .