February 2018 Newsletter: Time for Shout-Outs

Tumaini Bakers Ready for Customers

Bread for Life Bakers

The Tumaini Bakers worked long hours to prepare freshly baked bread to sell during a special event at nearby Sugarbaker Memorial Clinic in Nyeri, Kenya. On Saturday, March 17th, 2018, Sugarbaker hosted a special event to educate the local community about available medical services. The community turned out, and hungry crowds happily purchased 89 loaves of bread. Record sales day!

The Sugarbaker Memorial Clinic is the result of extremely generous funding from the Sugarbaker Foundation. Inspired by the late Rev. Bernard Muindi's vision and leadership, residents of Tumaini Children's Ministry's two children's homes and the surrounding community have access to health and medical services.

Giving Tuesday 2017 Update

Together, we reached $5,095 of our $6000 goal!

Giving Tuesday 2016 - Many generous friends like you contributed to help us launch a Poultry Farm and a Bread Bakery last March.

Giving Tuesday 2017 - Again, you and many other loyal friends stepped up, contributing to our goal to upscale our two enterprises.

Our goals for the enterprises in 2018:

  1. Poultry scale-up - Add chicks to the current brood of chickens, necessary to offset the diminishing number of eggs laid by the older chickens, purchased Spring 2017. 
  2. New Bakery Oven - With a new commercial-grade oven, our Bakery can begin baking more bread, as well as add a new variety of items to be sold. Soon, our Bakers will be able to produce cookies, rolls, scones, and more! 
  3. Entrepreneurial Program Enrollment - Learn For Life Kenya invests in young leaders. We will partner with Kenya Commercial Bank, a leader in the charge to build a robust economy through equipping young, motivated people with skills to enter the formal sector. Their program has a track record of success! 

New Monthly Features

This month, we add two new monthly columns:

Kona ya Marafiki

Swahili for Friends Corner, will feature special friends whose partnership helps Learn For Life Kenya take great strides to reach our goal of economic development in Kenya.

Kifunze Kiswahili

Learn Swahili, will feature a few words or phrases for non-Swahili speakers interested in the basics of this unifying language of East Africa.

Kona ya Marafiki (Friends Corner)

Mark and Pauline Kemp

February's Friends Corner belongs to Mark & Pauline Kemp, friends of Learn For Life Kenya from the beginning. Together, this dynamic couple encourages our efforts to develop impoverished communities in Kenya, recognizing that training people for skilled trades is a sustainable, impactful approach. Mark is CEO of Superior Masonry & Concrete Builders, Inc., as well as a 5th Degree Black Belt (Master) in Tae Kwon Do. Pauline is the "heart and soul of the family," says Mark, noting the love and time she lavishes on their nine grandchildren. The Kemps work together with other family members to direct the Kemp Family Foundation. Mark and Pauline introduced Learn For Life Kenya to many of their friends by opening their home to Pres. Bonnie Lee so that she could share the good news of our ongoing work in Nyeri, Kenya. Mark and Pauline, your support is making a powerful, long-lasting impact as together, we are building a Vocational Training Center and launching small businesses. Thank you, dear friends!

Kifunze Kiswahili (Learn Swahili)

Habari yako (sing.) / Habari zenu (pl.) - How are you?

Nzuri - Fine, well

Asante sana - Thank you very much

Karibu - Welcome

Je unaongea kiingereza? - Do you speak English?

Hapana - Yes Ndiyo - No

Coming Next Month:

Vocational Training Center Update

Posted on February 27, 2018 .