May 2017 Newsletter: Lessons Learned

Young Kenyans Reflect on Launching Small Businesses

Since launching the poultry and bakery enterprises in March, our young leaders at the Tumaini-Huruma Alumni Association have worked tirelessly to ensure success, gaining great entrepreneurial experience that they plan to pass on to other motivated, enterprising young people. Looking back on the last several months, our THAA Chair, Joseph Waiganjo, and THAA Deputy Chair, John Mwangi Simon, shared what they have learned about leadership and the world of business through this experience.

We hope you enjoy the following insights and wisdom they already are sharing to inspire young people in their community.

Joseph Waiganjo


Joseph learned much about teamwork through this process and stated, “Teamwork always helps in all fields. Being a team player and leader can always maximize the output and this will eventually aid in growth.” He highlighted the role Learn for Life Kenya played in the businesses’ success by providing moral and financial support and advice at each stage of the project. He looks forward to the professional development training that Learn for Life Kenya will provide prior to launching our next collaborative project.  Joseph plans to be an integral part in training other young leaders stating, “I believe the best I can do now is to be a role model to the young ones. Experience is the best teacher.” He would like to pass along wisdom to up-and-coming entrepreneurs to start small, monitor progress, and grow gradually while considering next steps. His favorite entrepreneur’s quote is from Warren Buffett, “Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1.” We are so proud to be working with Joseph and are inspired by his attitude and the work he has done.

John Mwangi Simon

John also shared his sentiments about the business launch. He is grateful to Learn for Life Kenya for this leadership opportunity because it helped him feel like a great achiever as he contributed to the team’s goals. His advice to other young entrepreneurs: “It always appears like a mountain until you put your first step forward. Eighty percent of it is mental creation and can only be achieved by starting.” He continues with this encouragement, “Think of it. See it clearly. Plan for it. Be dedicated. Start and then pray as you work.”  John discovered some valuable things about himself as he worked with the team, such as the importance of working towards consensus and accepting the will of the majority. John was excited to witness what a team can accomplish when working together. He enjoys the opportunity to share his insights with the younger ones at the orphanages, helping to inspire some of the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Poultry and Bakery Enterprise Updates

We are pleased to report from our manager, Sidney, that our chicks are no longer chicks but full grown chickens and we expect to have eggs hatched by the end of June! In regard to the bakery, Sidney and his team have been busy providing delicious bread to local schools and churches. They are currently working to complete branding and product certification requirements so we can market externally.

Thank You for Giving!

Thank you to all who donated to our Spring Appeal Fundraiser. We are thrilled to announce we raised $8,560. If you would like to contribute to this fundraiser, there is still time to donate here. Money donated will be sent to our partners at Tumaini Children’s Ministry to continue with the building project for the Tumaini Vocational Training Center.

Calling All Online Shoppers to Amazon Smile

Support Learn for Life Kenya with your Amazon purchases! All you have to do is login to and choose Learn for Life Kenya as your benefiting charity. Bookmark, use the site each time you make a purchase, and Amazon donates .5% of the purchase price of your eligible purchases. Giving back has never been easier. Happy shopping!

Posted on May 30, 2017 .