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The Need

At Learn For Life Kenya, we aim to provide opportunities for vocational training that will help young people in Kenya become employed and productive citizens.

Hard realities in Kenya, like an extremely high youth unemployment rate and the high cost of education, leave youth vulnerable, especially those who grew up in orphanages and must fend for themselves upon leaving. Young people need marketable skills to provide for themselves.

Our Focus

Thanks to many generous friends, our Giving Tuesday 2018 Campaign was very successful! We quickly raised $5,000 to launch a Hairdressing & Barber Skills Training program in Nyeri, Kenya. Our Hairdressing and Barber Skills Training program focuses on providing training for the students who will soon leave the Tumaini Children’s Ministry orphanage.

About 20 students will learn the basic skills needed to provide hairdressing/barber services in their communities, thus providing a reliable source of income upon graduation. Receiving such specialized training before graduation equips them for the job market or professional certification; both paths lead to a more self-sustaining, dignified future!


Earlier this year, renovations transformed the space for a new salon. Not only will training in hairdressing and barber skills take place in the salon, but the renovated space will become a center for our newly skilled artisans to ply their trade and earn revenue.

The first training for this program is set to begin in June 2019. Stay tuned!