Our Current Fundraising Goal

Current Construction Project: Plastering the external walls of the 29,000 square foot Vocational Training Center.

Cost: Estimated at $60,000. 

Amount Currently Raised: $30,825 (updated 1 September 2018).


Learn for Life Kenya and the Tumaini Children’s Ministry are partnering to build a Vocational Training Center in Nyeri, Kenya.

The VTC will provide marginalized youth with an opportunity to gain contextually relevant and marketable skills for self-sufficient futures.

To avoid disruption in the construction, we are seeking to raise about $30,000 in the next few months.

To better understand the work remaining on the VTC, please view these charts showing remaining phases to complete, by type and by floor:

Welcome to Learn for Life Kenya!

We are a US-based charitable corporation with a vision to support context-specific learning opportunities to prepare youth for a brighter future.

Our mission is to prepare impoverished communities in Kenya for employment through vocational skills training.

To achieve our mission, we seek to:

  1. Partner with local communities to understand their needs and vision.
  2. Serve as a catalyst for carefully selected projects by raising awareness and funds nationally and internationally.
  3. Work with the local leadership to facilitate an integrated approach to implement desired programs.
  4. Engage with local communities to develop networks to ensure employment opportunities for trainees.
  5. Collaborate with local leadership in defining sustainable funding/business models.

We are committed to contributing financial and non-financial support to enable significant transformation that will foster dignity, inspire hope and teach skills.

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