Our Focus

Learn for Life Kenya is committed to economic development in Kenya. Connecting young people to the vocational and entrepreneurial skills necessary to sustain themselves and impact their community is our goal.

While we are actively raising funds to build a vocational training center at the Tumaini Children’s Home, an orphanage in Nyeri, Kenya, we are also currently working with the greatest resource available for change: motivated, visionary, young people with a desire to impact their community! These young people all previously resided at Tumaini Children’s Home.

Working with our partners at Tumaini Children’s Home and the Tumaini-Huruma Alumni Association, Learn for Life Kenya supports economic development by strengthening vocational skills training initiatives, entrepreneurial projects, civic mindedness and sustainable methods through leadership development.


Poultry Enterprise

Learn for Life Kenya is launching a social enterprise initiative with our partners: poultry farming. Managed by the alumni of the Tumaini Children’s Home, this initiative will teach contextually relevant fundamentals in agriculture and business.

As Bill Gates recently summarized in a blog post, poultry farming is important in impoverished communities because: “[chickens] are easy and inexpensive to take care of; they are a good investment; they help keep children healthy; and they empower women.” In fact, the Gates Foundation is actively engaging with partners in sub-Saharan Africa to create sustainable market systems for poultry.

Learn For Life Kenya shares this perspective and is committed to utilizing the resources available now in preparation to launch the poultry social entrepreneurship initiative. The goal is to scale to the surrounding community, which has a population of approximately 22,000 residents. Lessons learned from this project will be incorporated into the vocational skills programming of the broader training center building project when complete.

Learn for Life Kenya is requesting your help to develop this poultry social entrepreneurship initiative at Tumaini Children’s Home. For $10,000, we will enable our partners to:

  • Upgrade the existing chicken coop structure.
  • Acquire approximately 1,000 chickens (layers and broilers).
  • Purchase chicken feed and vaccines.
  • Build capacity to operate, market and scale the social enterprise to the surrounding community.


Impact Measures

Learn for Life Kenya will measure the effectiveness of the poultry social enterprise along our three pathways to change:

Vocational Training Skills

Number of trainees enrolled in the initiative

Number of students completing poultry business training courses

Employment Access

Number of individuals employed by poultry business

Number of new poultry businesses initiated by the initiative

Sustainability/Civic Mindedness

Revenue realized from poultry business

Length of time for poultry business to achieve positive return on investment

Financial contributions plowed back to the Tumaini Children’s Home to support operations

Number and type of partnerships created (e.g., with the neighboring Wambugu Farm Agricultural Center)

Market penetration rate